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Crusaders Confirm Documentary Launch

North Wales Crusaders are delighted to confirm the club's role in an access all area documentary, More Than A Game.

Taking viewers behind the scenes of a Rugby League club in the RFL’s third tier, the documentary will follow Crusaders as the fight is on to show the wider game what the club offers as it goes in search of promotion to the Betfred Championship in 2024.

More Than A Game will give viewers access all areas at Crusaders, from board meetings, training sessions, matchdays and changing rooms in addition to featuring the unbeaten women’s side, community foundation and award winning Wheelchair team.

As players, coaches and staff all balance day jobs with the expectations of North Wales’ rugby loving population on their shoulders, viewers are ready to see that rugby league is, More Than A Game.

The documentary is set to be free-to-air via YouTube with episodes released once per month in addition to feature episodes focusing on some of the people involved with the club.



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