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Matchday Live: Crusaders V Widnes

North Wales Crusaders welcome former world champions Widnes Vikings to Colwyn Bay this afternoon with second place in the 1895 Cup group up for grabs!

09:00 - Welcome to Maatchday Live! We welcome Widnes Vikings to Stadiwm CSM this afternoon, tickets are priced at £15 adults, FREE for under 16's and can be purchased HERE with a cash turnstile also available at the stadium!

14:08- The lads are out for their warm-ups!

14:30- The team for today!

14:32- We are underway at Stadiwm CSM, come on Crusaders!

14:34- Try Crusaders! we block a Widnes Kick and pick up the loose ball to score early on! Missed conversion. North Wales Crusaders 4-0 Widnes!

14:39- TRY CRUSADERS! We work the ball down the line finding Pat Ah Van free on the left touchline to dive home! Converted! North Wales Crusaders 10-0 Widnes

14:44- Crusaders putting pressure on the Widnes defence following a knock-on from the visitors, but the Vikings hold strong and win possession back.

14:49- So Close! We look to have scored again but the ball is dropped on the line and Widnes turn it over.

14:51- Try Widnes Joe Edge gets over on the left hand side... Conversion missed. North Wales Crusaders 10-4 Widnes.

14:56- Try Widnes, Lloyd Roby gets the visitors second try of the afternoon... Conversion missed. North Wales Crusaders 10-8 Widnes

14:59- Try Widnes, the visitors go infront through Matty Fozard after Ah Van spills the ball... Conversion scored. North Wales Crusaders 10-14 Widnes.

15:03- Crusaders look to strike back straight away but an incorrect play the ball 10 yards out gives the visitors possession.

15:07- Another good set from Crusaders as we look to get back in front but the visitors hold strong and turn the ball over.

15:12- Try Widnes. After forcing a goal line drop out the visitors work the ball out right for Mike Butt who dives over the line... Conversion missed.

North Wales Crusaders 10-18 Widnes.

15:15- Widnes come close again but we force them into touch and have the ball back.

15:16- Half time. North Wales Crusaders 10-18 Widnes

15:20- We go in eight behind at the break.

15:29- We're back underway, Come on boys!

15:32- Widnes force another goal line drop out from Tom Gilmore's kick.

15:37- Try Widnes. Following a penalty Widnes work their way up the pitch finding Joe Lyons who gets over... Conversion scored.

North Wales Crusaders 10-24 Widnes

15:39- The visitors look to go even further infront but as the ball is worked right the pass is loose and goes in to touch, giving Crusaders the ball back.

15:44- An incorrect play the ball from the visitors gives Crusaders the ball back on our 20 yard line.

15:46- TRY CRUSADERS! The visitors think they've stopped him but Pat Ah Van stays strong and forces himself over to score in the corner!... Conversion missed.

North Wales Crusaders 14-24 Widnes

15:51- Widnes come close but following a strong tackle the ball is loose for Crusaders to collect and turn it over.

15:53- Widnes look to have won back possession after intercepting a loose pass, but a knock on gives Crusaders the ball in the scrum.

15:56- Crusaders piling on the pressure as they look to get back into this game, a kick through leads to a Widnes drop out.

15:59- The visitors come forward but a knock on gives Crusaders back the ball inside our 10.

16:00- Try Widnes. Max Wood dives through... Conversion scored.

North Wales Crusaders 14-30 Widnes.

16:07- After multiple six agains Crusaders are putting on the pressure inside the Widnes 10.

16:08- The ball is knocked on and Widnes turn it over.

16:10- Good work from Alex Deery who intercepts a Widnes pass and gains back possession for Crusaders.

16:11- Full-time here at Stadiwm CSM. North Wales Crusaders 14-30 Widnes.

Thank you for your support this afternoon and good luck to Widnes for the rest of the season.


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