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Crusader Membership Explained

As North Wales Crusaders look ahead to the 2024 season, we’re delighted to be introducing our new membership scheme.

Offering different value to traditional season tickets, here’s all you need to know about becoming a Crusader member for 2024.

What is a Crusader membership?

Following an open invitation meeting with Crusaders supporters, the club reviewed feedback on a number of new initiatives.

One such initiative was the introduction of a membership scheme which allows supporters the chance to contribute to the club in return for a range of benefits.

Alongside supporter feedback, we developed three packages aimed at three different groups.

Crusader - Supporters who can’t attend every game but wish to still contribute to the club

Crusader+ - Supporters who attend our games regularly

Crusader Premium - Supporters who attend our games and also wish to make an additional contribution to the club.

Why does my membership cost more than last season's season ticket?

Put simply, Crusader membership is so much more than the traditional season ticket.

Every membership comes with a range of benefits associated to the monthly price. These include the crucial element of a virtual club share which welcomes you into our supporter board allowing you one vote per membership on non-rugby decisions made at the club.

Membership packages also include additional benefits such as free matchday entry, free replica shirts and discounts on merchandise.

The 2024 season also sees us play more games and with an increased price on to pay on the gate, giving memberships that extra bit of value!

How long will my membership last?

Your membership payments will be taken once a month for 12 months. Whilst the season runs until October, your membership benefits won’t stop there with free members events planned in the post season as well as an invite to our end of season AGM where we shall vote on important issues and undertake in depth review of the club performance and so much more.

I wish to pay upfront?

A small number of supporters contacted us that whilst they liked the new membership scheme, they’d prefer the option to pay in one lump sum.

Taking this feedback on board, we’ve made our Crusader+ membership available to purchase in a one off option.


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What do you get for each different membership type? I'm considering Crusaders+ as I want to pay up front, in total. Are the cup games included?

Conrad Anderson
Conrad Anderson
Dec 04, 2023
Replying to

Hi John

With the Crusader+ package you'll get entry to every League One home game, replica shirt and alot more benefits. Read the full benefits below

Crusader+ cost £20 a month or paying upfront costs £199 which gives you a total saving of £41.

Unfortunately Challenge Cup round games and 1895 are not included in this tier however a Challenge Cup Final ticket is.


Is it possible to pay for the Crusader Premium membership as a lump sum? And if so, how much will it be? Hwyl MAJ.

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